With money being so tight these days, we at Teens To Go have a few ways to help.

• See how going to a TTG camp can save you lots of money this summer!

• We have discounts for siblings and campers going multiple sessions

• Referral Program

TTG can Save you LOTS of money this summer!

With gas prices so high during the summer, ticket prices going through the roof, increasing activity costs, the cost of taking off work, . . .   If you added up all of those costs (and don't forget to add the cost of a friend!), you can end up spending close to $1000 plus the cost of missing work!!  So, let us take care of it and also save you some money!!  How can we offer a great program at such a low price?  Since we are a non-profit organization and we buy all of our tickets in bulk, we get a great rate - and we pass it down to you.

Discounts for siblings and campers going for multiple sessions!

If a camper goes for multiple sessions, there is a $20 savings for each additional session - so the more sessions you attend, the more you save!

If a family has more than 1 child attending any of our programs, each additional camper is discounted $20 per session.

Referral Program

If a previous camper refers a new camper to our program, a $20 discount will be credited to the returning camper.  The more you refer, the more you save!  In order to get the discount, both campers (previous and new) must be registered. After registering, one of the campers needs to cal the office at 301-540-4356 to inform us.  We’ll take it from there.