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From The Director's Desk

In the past 32 years, this camp has become a very important part of my life. The only thing more important are my 2 kids: Delaney and Jaiden – who many of the campers know since they have been joining me ever since they were in strollers and now help out.  It is my kids that have shaped the way I look at how I run this camp now. I run this camp with the approach – would I send my kids to this camp? What needs to be done so that I would feel 100% comfortable sending my kids to this camp?  This is a main factor I think about when I hire the staff, choose the places we go to, pick the contractors we work with, implement the safety measures we use (and are constantly improving), and so much more. I approach this as a parent, because just like you – my kids are the most important things in my life.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of our Teens To Go program is to provide the youth of the community a low cost program that is well organized, safe, enjoyable, and exciting. Our goal is for the participants to learn important team-building skills, and to have access to valuable instructions in new physical activities. We have combined this with our underlying concept, "What Kids Want To Do". And since many of the activities and adventures kids want to do - parents may not have the time or interest in, our program is the perfect solution.

Staff and Safety

Safety, both for the campers and our staff is our number one concern no matter what we are doing. We always maintain a tight ratio between staff and campers - no more than 1:10 (usually 1:7). All of our staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. Most of our staff are school teachers or college students preparing to be teachers. We do not hire high school students. Teens To Go, Inc. is a Maryland State Licensed Program. All of our staff go through a thorough FBI background check. Each summer, our staff completes a 3-4 day training course. On all trips, communication is a must - between staff members and with parents. All staff will have private 2-way radios (like the ones used by the police). Each director will also have a cell phone in case a parent needs to contact us while on a trip. TTG also has a private 2-way radio system set up with the First-Aid and the Security offices all of the amusement parks and beaches. This way if there ever is an emergency, the local personnel can get in immediate contact with us.