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Important Information Notification Service

We try our best to stick to our schedule.  However, sometimes we hit obstacles - mainly traffic and sometimes weather issues.  Since we cannot call all of the parents (calling all of the parents would just take too long),  we have a  few methods to inform you of any changes/information.  We will mainly use these methods to inform you of:

   - Running late: If we are running more than 15 minutes late on our return, we will notify you. 

   - Weather Changes:  If we need to change our trip due to weather, we will notify you.

   - Other situations:  If a situation arrises where we need to contact every parent, we will notify you.

Here are our 2 methods:

  1. 1.Text-Blast: Join our mass-texting service by texting “@TTG(session #)” to 81010.  For example, if 

   your camper is going to session 2, you would text “@TTG2” to 81010.  Make sure to sign up for all of the 

   sessions your child will be going.  You will NOT be able to respond to these texts.  Directions to “Opt-Out”

   will be sent at the end of the session.

You can also click on your session(s) and it will link you to a page where you can enter your information

Session 1    Session 2    Session 3    Session 4    Session 5    Session 6    Session 7


We will use the Text-Blast to inform you of:

   - Departure Status: We will send a text when we depart a trip to head home.

   - Running Late: If we are running more than 15 minutes late (usually due to traffic), we will send a text with 


  - Change of plans due to weather: if we are going to change our plans for the day due to weather, we will 

     send out a text by 7:30 am. with all of the details.

   - Any other Emergencies/Notifications: we will inform you as soon as we can

We urge you to sign up for this “Text-Blast” service.  It is the most efficient and effective way that we can communicate with everyone at once.

  1. 2. Broadcast Call: If the campers are on the bus, we will have the campers do a broadcast call.  This is

     when we ask all of the campers to call their parent(s) and let them know that we need to inform you with

     any details (usually if we are running late)  If a camper does not have a phone, they will have access to one  

     of the camp phones.