Registering for ANY Teens To Go camp is quick and easy!

When you register for any Teens To Go Adventure Camp, an online account is created for you. The benefits of that online account are numerous: it gives you the option to pay balances, order shirts, get a receipt, and much more. Best of all, it keeps your information so when you sign up in the future, most of the information is already entered! 

There are 4 ways to register for a Teens To Go Camp Program.

  1. You can register over the phone, call (301) 540-4356. A credit card will be needed.

  2. You can register by *mail. Just print out a registration form (link below) and then mail it in to us. 

     Registering by mail will require a payment by check or credit card.

  3. You can register by *fax. Just print out the registration form (link below) and fax it to: 888-566-9693. A

      credit card is needed to register by fax.

   4. You can register online. Registering online will require a credit card.

*Since registering via fax or mail is not “live” - it is possible that you may be registering for a program that has just filled up.  If that happens, we will contact you immediately with your options.

Ready to register online?

Want a form to mail or fax in? Mail In Registration Form

If you have any questions, please give us a call: 301-540-4356 or email us at Info@TeensToGo.ORG