The last step needed to complete your camper’s registration for our Teens To Go Camp program is to fill out 2 online forms.

Your camper’s registration in INCOMPLETE until these forms are submitted

The Camper Details includes:
Information we need in case of an emergency
MD State License Required Information
Medical Information including allergies and health information

The Camper Contract and Release Waivers include:   
 the Camper Contract
 General Release
 Waivers to Participate
 Release for treatment in the case of an emergency.  

Both of the required forms are Online forms that you can fill out on any device.  To initial and/or sign, simply use your touch screen or your mouse.  Once you fill out the forms, a copy will be sent to your email and a copy to us.
A separate form is Required for each camper.  Only one form is required regardless of how many sessions a camper attends.

Click the green “Access to both online TTG Forms” box below to access each of the online forms.  Make sure to fill out a copy of each form for each camper.

We appreciate you completing these on-line forms in a timely manner.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 301-540-4356.
Access to both online
 TTG Forms