We understand that sending your kids off on trips can be nervous for parents.  We know you are making a decision involving the most valuable possession you have - your kids. As a parent myself, I have created this program to be a camp that I would (and do) send my own kids and family members to.

The following is general information about our summer camp programs. We have tried to include all of the main details. If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns regarding our program - PLEASE contact us.  We will do our best to answer your questions.

Daily Camp Procedure

Each day the campers will meet at one of our locations by 8:45 a.m. (we will have staff at each location by 8:30).  From there a chartered Luxury Coach Bus will transport the campers to the scheduled trip for that day. Around 4:30 p.m. (9:00 p.m. on the Tuesday long trips), the campers return back home. The next day, we do it all over again to another destination.

General Camp Operations

In all Teens To Go programs, safety is always our # 1 concern. The camps operate daily (Monday-Friday) and are set up as 1 week schedules for all of our programs. We have staff at all of our locations by 8:30 every morning. The bus departs around 9:00 a.m. Once we get to our destination, we break off into separate groups (Juniors and Regular) and run the trip/activity accordingly.  The first thing we do is set up our "Base Camp" and go over all the directions/information for the day. From here, the campers are separated into groups according to the 2 levels of supervision the parents have chosen from: "Structured Freedom" or "Chaperoned Group". Juniors will automatically be in a “Chaperoned Group”.  On all trips, the campers can choose their own groups everyday (within their supervision level). The campers are given times when we will do whole-group Check-Ins We will return back home by 4:30 - except for Tuesdays. Tuesdays will be our LONG trips (Rehoboth Beach, Kings Dominion, Hershey Park) and we will return at 9:00 p.m. Each of the campers will have a TTG camp shirt that they will have to wear on each trip (unless noted) so that we can easily recognize them.

Chaperoned Groups

Is mandatory for all Juniors and is an option for all of the “Regular” programs.  In a “Chaperoned Group” there are about 4 campers.  A staff member will be assigned to “tag along” with the group.  The chaperone is NOT there to control the  group, but merely to help facilitate the group in making decisions and staying together.  If a camper is not in a “Chaperoned Group”, they will be in a “Structured Freedom” group.  NO Campers Are Allowed to be Alone at Any Point.

Structured Freedom Groups

If a camper is not in a “Chaperoned Group”, they will be in a “Structured Freedom” group.  In this group, there must be a minimum of 2 campers.  They always have to stay together.  We will have staff roaming the park to keep an eye on these “structured freedom” groups.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of MCPS teachers and college students (most preparing to be teachers) . We DO NOT use high school students.  The Director/Owner (Manish) is in his 33rd Year! As a state licensed camp program, all of our staff go through the FBI background checks. All of our staff also certified in CPR and First Aid.


Our supervision starts the moment the campers get to our pick-up stop. At the stop and especially on the bus, our staff are constantly monitoring and are "with" the campers. We feel interaction with the campers is very important.  As we've always said, "Anyone can put a set of trips together, it's our staff that sets us apart."

Each of the camp programs have their own level of supervision and are detailed further on their respective pages. Bottom line - Safety is our #1 concern, and we take EVERY measure to ensure that.

Overnight Trips (for the Regular program ONLY)

We understand the concerns parents may have regarding their child staying in a hotel.  We have taken many measures to ensure the safety of each of the campers.

  1. 1. We use hotels that we have a history with or will let us comply with our safety measures.  We also 

     stay away from hotels that may be in areas that are heavily trafficked in the evenings.

  2.  We arrange it so that between every 2-3 rooms is a staff room; to help monitor the rooms and for

        easy access for the campers.

   3.  Our staff are up late into the night monitoring the hallways.

   4.  We have developed several safety methods that we have developed and use to make sure nobody

        leaves the room.

Base Camp

On each trip (where applicable), we will set up a base camp where we will have at least 2 staff members stationed at ALL times.  If the campers or authorities need us, they know where we are at all times.  We will also have our check–ins close to base camp.


We will have mandatory “whole group” check-ins on every trip.  Most of these will be every 2-3 hours.  At each check-in we will inform the campers about any special information, money management, sun screen, water, and any other safety issues that there may be.


Communication is a very important part of our program. Each staff is equipped with a private 2-way radio (similar to police radios). At all of the locations we go to, we have set up a private line of communication with the local First-Aid and Security Departments - so if there is ever a need, we are instantly accessible. Further, a camp cell phone is with every director at each location - so if you need to contact us, we are a phone call away.

Please call (301) 540-4356 or WRITE to us if you have any questions regarding our programs.